ORV playlist (sets of 2)

ORV playlist (sets of 2)

4" x 6" double sided postcards
one side in color, one side in black and white
extra heavy cardstock with satin print


X – star, dear, star & isabella's lullaby

B – contrail & everything i wanted

X – autumn dream & saturn

D – promiseland & S.O.S

FULL SET OF 8 will come with a black and white pocket zine
(made with just normal printer paper folded into 8 pages)

inspired by the songs:
별, 그대, 별 (star, dear, star) – ahn ye-eun
비행운 (contrail) – moonmoon
isabella's lullaby
autumn dream – n.flying
promiseland – mika
saturn – sleeping at last
everything i wanted – billie eilish
S.O.S d'un terrien en détresse (S.O.S of an earthing in distress)